Why I Love White Acres?

Match Fishing editor Tom Scholey explains why White Acres remains his favourite place to holiday…

Despite the protestations and mickey taking by many of my fellow match anglers, who seem to think I am ‘always’ fishing, I do in fact only get four weeks holiday a year – and so it is very important to me that I make the most of them.

As you have probably worked out by now, I am a total and complete match fishing fanatic, though, so it is vital to me that my week contains some high-quality competitive fishing. This is the first priority.


But the second priority is good facilities, nice accommodation, and crucially, good food and a nice pint of beer! A place that ticks all the boxes for me, and has done for the past six years, is White Acres – and that is why I spend a minimum of three weeks of the year down there.

The Fishing

First and foremost, the fishing is brilliant at White Acres – and by brilliant, I mean really varied and interesting! From targeting carp on bomb and waggler on the High Bank of Pollawyn, to fishing for the prolific roach stocks of Sycamore, or catching the fat F1s of Trelawney, during a festival two days are rarely the same.

Then there is the calibre of angler – when you look at the standard of competitor in the average White Acres festival it is very, very high. I love this kind of match, though, as it is only by fishing against the best that you can beat them!

And of course, big matches mean big payouts – and there is no shortage of cash to win in the festivals at White Acres.

The Accommodation

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to accommodation. When I first went down as a beaneating student, it was a case of getting the cheapest digs I could afford, which meant one of the static caravans – normally with about three or four of us sharing!

While these are hardly spacious, they are always clean, and functional. Shortly after I started sharing winnings with Matt Godfrey, my financial situation improved significantly, and I could afford to stop in the lodges – and I have to say I have been loath to stay in a caravan ever since. They are lovely!

Big, comfortable beds, and some of them even have a utility room for bait. To be honest, when you have three or four people sharing, they don’t work out too expensive either.

The Facilities

If like me, you like a nice breakfast, then they don’t come much better than the one served in the Water’s Edge Café next to Pollawyn – they are delicious! The anglers’ bar in the clubhouse is always good for a few pints with the lads, or those with families can enjoy the nightly entertainment in the club.

The pizzas from the onsite restaurant are delicious, and if, like me, you are a fan of fine dining, then there is no shortage of places nearby to venture to. The Two Clomes in St Columb and Lenny’s Chinese Restaurant in Newquay are particular favourites.

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